MAMA's Advanced Energy Working Group is focused on developing and deploying solutions that allow for the safe multi-modal transportation of lithium and lithium ion batteries.

 Business Partnership Announcement:

Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association (MAMA) welcomes Piston Group LLC, ESSPI, LIFT, JR Automation, Ausley and Schupan to its Battery Logistics Development Group.


The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association Battery Logistics Group seeks to address battery logistics challenges by developing next-generation shipping processes and technologies that will allow for the safe movement of battery commodities across the shipping spectrum. The MAMA group brings together an array of partners with unique expertise from battery safety sciences to fire suppression system design to shipping container manufacturing. The group is uniquely set up to develop safe, cost-effective solutions for battery shipping


Battery technology, including lithium ion (Li ion) and lithium (Li), are quickly becoming the primary source for power demands world-wide. Li and Lion batteries are powerful, inexpensive, lightweight and environmentally safer than most alternatives. However, they present a fire and safety hazard which presents considerable shipping, storage and other logistics challenges.

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