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October 4th


Join the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association for its annual North American Space Summit October 2-4 in Traverse City, Michigan and hear from some of the world’s most influential leaders in government and defense, automotive, business, aerospace and more on their initiatives to lead the world in new technology, capabilities, services and innovation in near-earth and low-Earth orbit, or LEO.

Attendees will learn about the boundless opportunities for commercial organizations to grow this nearly $424 billion industry, the benefits and prospects of government partnerships as well as industry issues, trends and the latest technology.

The summit will feature more than 30 educational and networking sessions for attendees to learn about the next generation of space-enabled communications, autonomous vehicle technology, space supply chains, government applications, funding sources and more.

Register at www.TheNASS.org.

NASS Program Overview

Space Harbor - Michigan Launch Initiative (MLI)

The goal of the Michigan Launch Initiative is to position Michigan as the epicenter of the commercial space ecosystem of mid-America.

This public-private partnership aims to provide Michigan and its partners with future launch capabilities and an ecosystem that supports it with research, development and production. In these sessions, you will hear updates about licensing, building and operating plans for three proposed facilities that will create a space harbor in Michigan. Additionally, we’ll discuss how companies can become involved in the growing Midwest space ecosystem.

Attendees will hear from some of Michigan’s top leaders in government, the commercial space sector and key players in MLI’s future launch facilities, which aim to provide LEO satellite launch sites as well as manage post-launch satellite operations. 

Space-Enabled Communication for Advanced Mobility (SECAM)

Space-enabled communications and advanced mobility, or SECAM, aims to be the leading system for research, development and deployment of the next frontier of communication networks.

This new communications infrastructure will revolutionize the evolution of 5G technology and beyond, for ground, air, water and space missions. Additionally, it will lead to the sustainable flow of advanced communication capabilities across multiple industries such as automotive, agriculture, education, healthcare and manufacturing.

By collaborating with a diverse group of key stakeholders, SECAM will enable the speed-to-market capabilities of the commercial industry to accelerate national and global 5G connectivity. Satellite constellations could deliver a significant breakthrough in reliability and responsiveness as well as breadth of coverage necessary to provide intelligent mobility systems.

These sessions will explore Michigan’s rich history of manufacturing innovation and how partners from industry, government and academia can collaborate to share advancements in research and development. Topics will explore advancements in communications technology, infrastructure, cybersecurity and autonomous mobility, as well as how LEO will help further connect the world.

Space Gold Rush

Are you looking to invest in the space industry, but don’t know where to start?

Like the original Gold Rush, the space industry has tremendous opportunities for investments. The focus of our Space Gold Rush sessions are to educate the commercial market about how to invest in the space economy, where the opportunities for companies to invest are and how current aerospace organizations can attract investments.

These sessions will feature experts in the industry’s financial and business development sectors on where the money in LEO is going and how to participate in its growth.

Made for Space

Do you have the capabilities to be a manufacturer for space?

As a manufacturing leader for decades, the Midwest has many opportunities to spearhead aerospace manufacturing.

Made for Space will explore manufacturing successes and opportunities on the ground for products developed for space, such as satellites, and products to get us to space, such as rockets, thrusters, ground stations and other necessary infrastructure. These sessions will also introduce products being manufactured in space quicker, better and cheaper than on Earth through advanced technologies including 3D printing and robotic assembly.

Hear from experts as they reveal their visions and capabilities for this unique terrestrial and extraterrestrial economy.

The High Ground

Whether in the military or business, the most successful strategies often involve controlling the physical or metaphorical high ground. In these sessions, learn about opportunities for commercial organizations to support the Pentagon’s new Space Force and its mission to acquire space systems quickly and cost effectively.


By partnering with existing space industry manufacturers, Space Force will be able to deploy proven and innovative technologies, while commercial companies can continue to be industry leaders in this business for decades to come.

Engage with government and business leaders on the latest innovations and capabilities the Space Force and commercial organizations are utilizing to help the U.S. become a world leader in the space economy.

How to do Business with NASA

The vision of the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) at NASA Headquarters is to promote and integrate all small businesses into the competitive base of contractors that pioneer the future of space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research.

Representatives from the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) and the Johnson Space Center (JSC) will share their process for on-boarding new suppliers.  A panel of current NASA Prime Contractors will share their opportunities available for small businesses

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