Training and Education
MAMA has developed several proprietary educational programs that offers participants the opportunity to engage one-on-one with leading academics and industry experts.  Courses are offered periodically... contact MAMA for details.

Aerospace QuickStart
 - A Marketplace Primer

Entering a new marketplace can be very rewarding: stability, profitability and growth.  But it can also be challenging and a little daunting.  Where do you start? How do you overcome barriers to entry? What can you do to ensure the learning curve is fast and effective?  Who do you sell to first?

The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association has the answers!  We’ve taken the essentials and created a quick start program to get you active and successful in the aerospace marketplace.  Two information packed days with your peers, in a group setting, followed by two days at your location focused on your specific opportunities, challenges and needs.

 Session 1: Group classroom:
•·  Aerospace Market defined
– Size and growth
– Potential Customers and Competition
– Distribution channels
– Market Trends and Dynamics
– Opportunities
– Path of least resistance for market entry

Session 2: Group classroom:
•· Industry Certifications and Registrations
– AS9100:C – Changes from ISO 9001:2008
– Nadcap – Process and checklists
– FAA Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA)
•· Non-destructive Testing
•· Quote Preparation & Presentation

Session 3: On-site:
•· Identification of Appropriate Sales Channels
– Identify most appropriate channels
– Identify specific companies to sell product or service
•· Marketing Plan Training
– Matching your core competencies to industry needs
– Selling proposition and messaging
– Coaching for types of collateral materials needed
– Marketing Plan Development

Session 4: On-site:
•· Marketing Plan Training
Value proposition/selling proposition/positioning
•– Key activities
•– Timetable
•· Custom Training
•– Per your specific needs.
•– Exclusive and confidential

Ongoing Support
Nothing is more frustrating than attending training sessions, leaving with new skills and tools, and then immediately running into a situation for which you are unprepared. That won’t happen here… upon completion of this training course each company is entitled to all the benefits of membership in the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association for one full year.

 - How to successful respond to RFQ's within 72 hours

  • Sustainment build to print (BTP) RFQ’s are now typically requiring submissions in 72 hours.
  • Companies who take longer than 72 hours aren’t just uncompetitive… they are excluded from consideration.
  • Late bid = No bid.
  • No bid = No award.
  • WinBID72 helps companies define and implement a BTP bid response process so that RFQ’s are submitted within 72 hours of receipt.
  • The WinBID72 process follows the familiar method of Measure undefined Assess undefined Change undefined Measure to implement effective change.

The WinBid72 process:

  • Emphasizes parallel vs. successive elements in quote preparation.
  • Streamlines solicitation and receipt of quote elements from outside the organization.
  • Minimizes inherent risk of aerospace and defense RFQ’s.
  • Establishes a supply chain familiar with the unique requirements of aerospace and defense customers.
  • Utilizes Lean Six Sigma tools and methodology

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