MAMA’s purpose is to promote the aerospace manufacturing industry in the State of Michigan and, in connection therewith, to help shape a favorable legislative and regulatory environment, encourage innovation and productivity, facilitate employment growth, and increase public understanding of the industry and its economic contribution to the State of Michigan.

MAMA’s commitment to continuous opportunity development  is evidenced by the Michigan Launch Initiative (MLI). MAMA's MLI program is developing a spaceport facility for the launch of rockets carrying small & mid-sized satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) from horizontal and vertical platforms and a Command Center to manage post-launch satellite operations.

The spaceport will have an adjacent technology park to attract firms entering and active in the commercialization of near earth outer-space. 

MAMA continues to generate interest in Michigan's small and midsize manufacturing enterprises from aerospace and defense top-tier and prime contractors through trade-missions and industry days.

MAMA is committed to the growth and prosperity of Michigan. 

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